About Our Business

Meet the German Readers LLC team!


This is the German Readers LLC team. Shown left is Gerhard, who is the Creative Writing and Marketing Associate. In the center is Koda. Koda is the associate who eagerly picks up your orders sent via snail mail. And to the right is Ruth, the Shipping Associate. She is shown modeling our hi-tech portable telephone system.

Our relaxed working atmosphere


We have a very relaxed and open work atmosphere with each associate willing to contribute beyond specific responsibilities. Here is Koda surprising Gerhard with a proposal for a new series of short stories about sled dogs.

Everyone contributes to the business

Everyone Contributes

After the creative writer got over his initial surprise at Koda’s sled dog short story proposal, Koda carefully makes a case for the stories while Gerhard politely listens.

Dedicated to serving you better

Dedicated to Serve

Koda, our Mail Pickup Associate, eagerly awaits the arrival of the mail truck. He has a little problem with the concept of time and sometimes waits quite a while.

The rewards of a job well done


Although Koda often is disappointed when no orders arrive in the mail, on this day, two purchase requisitions for a total of 42 books were received. He was thrilled by being able to perform his duties and earned extra benefits (treats).

Eagerness to serve


In spite of not knowing the mail actually contains two purchase requisitions, as always, he runs quickly to the house with the day's mail.

Our dedication to serve you goes beyond just work hours


Our Mail Pickup Associate takes his mail pickup duties seriously. He insists on a rigorous training regimen to keep him fit so he can quickly respond to the arrival of the mail truck.

We are a high tech low-carbon-footprint business


We use the most modern telephone system. Shown is the Marketing Associate communicating with the Shipping Associate. One of the best features of this communications system is that it uses no electricity and hence generates no CO2. We are proud to be a low-carbon-footprint business.

High tech communication system

Long Distance

Shown is the Shipping Associate receiving a long distance call using our high tech low-carbon-footprint telephone system.

Sunning in Ohio


It is not all work and no play. Shown are the Mail Pickup Associate and the Creative Writing Associate catching some rays between orders in the beautiful Ohio weather.