Here are four ways to use this reader.

Supplemental reading

The reader can be used for supplemental reading.

Support for SABINE UND MICHAEL, Level 1

The target vocabulary closely mirrors the vocabulary of Michael Miller’s SABINE UND MICHAEL, Level 1 chapters 3 and 4.  Teachers can have their students read the stories in support of their SABINE UND MICHAEL - based lessons.

TPRS lessons

In my classroom, I use the TPRS method of language teaching.  I teach the target vocabulary sequentially from story 1 to story 44.  After the students have learned each new set of target vocabulary words/phrases in TPRS-based lessons, the students read the corresponding story.

Supplemental reading for students learning German on their own

Because the vocabulary builds upon itself and the stories offer ample repetition, the 1.0 Reader is an excellent resource for beginning students of German.  Since each reader meshes seamlessly into the next in the series, the self-learner has reading material for the equivalent of  four years of high school German.