Here are three ways to use this reader.

Supplemental reading

For TPRS or non-TPRS teachers, the reader can be used for supplemental reading.

Support for SABINE UND MICHAEL, Level 1

The target vocabulary closely mirrors the vocabulary of Michael Miller’s SABINE UND MICHAEL, Level 1 chapters 3 and 4.
Teachers can have their students read the stories in support of their SABINE UND MICHAEL based lessons.

TPRS lessons

In my classroom, I use the TPRS method of language teaching. I teach the target vocabulary sequentially from story 1 to story 34. After the students have learned each new set of target vocabulary words/phrases in TPRS-based lessons, the students read the corresponding story.

Audio CD Pod-cast sample

An Audio CD of all 34 stories being read at a pace that will enable students to comprehend the stories is available. Students can read the stories in class while listening to the audio CD and teachers can save their voice by when class is doing group reading. The reading of each story includes the questions at the end. Three of the 34 stories are written in two tenses so the total number of stories that a student can listen to is 37. The length of the recording of the 37 stories with questions is 170 minutes or an average recording time of 4 minutes 35 seconds for each story.