About Gerhard and his German Readers

About Gerhard and his German Readers

About the author

Gerhard Maroscher was born in Bistritz, Romania. The language spoken at home was German. As World War II refugees, he and his family immigrated to Ohio, where German continued to be spoken at home. The author became a teacher of German after working in industry for 34 years in various engineering and managerial positions.

Following his retirement in 2002, he began his teaching career by starting a new German language program, using the TPRS method (more on that below) at Teays Valley High School in Ashville, Ohio. The program has grown from an offering of two German 1 classes the first year to six classes of levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 by the 2005/2006 school year.

Gerhard’s memoir

In 2015 Gerhard published his most recent book, Why Can’t Somebody Just Die Around Here?

In it Gerhard tells the story of how his family was impacted by World War II. They fled for their lives. They lost their homeland. They almost starved – and miraculously escaped death a number of times – and were only reunited as a family 18 months after the end of the war.

The final journey for them was coming to America and living the American dream.

Read more about the book at www.TheMaroscherStory.com. Books are available for purchase directly from Gerhard and on Amazon.com, which also comes directly from Gerhard, but minus Amazon’s hefty fee, so we prefer the first method!

Links to more TPRS information

TPRS, which stands for Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling, is the most effective and fastest method for teaching foreign languages.

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