Testimonials by German teachers

Testimonials by German teachers

Gerhard has a gift for writing

“At the TPRS training week at Sweet Briar this week we were able to look at the three readers that Gerhard Maroscher wrote. They are wonderful. All of them. The stories are short enough that you can read them in a day or two, depending on how deep you discuss the story. They could be given as homework or when you have a sub. They contain questions after each story if your administration requires accountability.

What I really like about the readers is that there is a large variety in the topics and the genre. The latest book contains stories for levels 3 and 4. They have upper level vocabulary and structures. This book contains typical TPRS extended readings but also some fairy tale type readings, a parody of Star Wars, and just a nice variety so that there is some story that every student will enjoy. Gerhard really has a gift for writing TPRS stories that keep my interest and the interest of students.

Sorry if this appears to be an advertisement. I just really like these books and I know that it is often tough to find books for our students that are at their reading level and still interesting. Gerhard’s books work well.”

-Julie Baird, German teacher

The next best thing to having someone who speaks German

First of all, the stories are exactly what I was looking for. I am very glad that I found you on the internet! This material is the next best thing to having someone who speaks German work with me on a daily basis. They give me a way to add to my vocabulary and at the same time, give me the ability to see and use the new words in a practical way.

I find the repetition in the stories also helpful in aiding me in committing the new vocabulary to long-term memory. I read several new stories a week and intersperse this learning with the work I am doing on grammar, conjugation, etc.

It is clear that all of this material follows a well thought out and logical progression and builds in complexity as one progresses.


Can’t believe I’m actually reading German

Handwritten testimonial from Lori - I can't believe I'm reading German.

Kids like these stories

“You really should check out Gerhard Maroscher’s new reader. He let me use his stories last year and the German enrollment at my school has sprung up from four classes to six classes. He is publishing stories for Level 2 this September and the stories for Level 1 next year.

I highly recommend these books for the reading portion of your curriculum. These stories are good in a TPRS or traditional classroom. Kids like these stories!

The reader looks professional and the illustrations have an “anime” quality to them that make the stories look hip and kid friendly. They are well-written readings with lots of repetition and interesting details for teens. The stories also give you a good feel on how to write your own readings for units you create. And if you have met Gerhard at a workshop, you know he is dedicated and talented, and you should check out his book at www.germanreaders.com”

-Jennifer Gerlach, German teacher, California

Interesting, engaging stories

“I’ve actually used it for two years in its developmental forms and have found it to be quite good with interesting, engaging stories that provide good input.”

-Tony Evans, German Teacher, Ohio